Garden Maintenance

The majority of garden maintenance is carried out between March and December. Our garden maintenance service includes weeding beds, pruning roses, shrubs, climbing plants, trimming hedges, planting, sweeping paved areas, feeding plants, watering mowing and edging lawns.

Tree Surgery
Most tree surgery should be carried out in the dormant season between October and March. 
  • Crown reduction- making the tree smaller to create a balanced shape. This techique is useful in an area where the tree has grown too big for the space.
  • Crown lifting- taking off the lower branches to improve access under the tree.
  • Felling - removal of a dangerous or unwanted tree. Felling can only be undertaken in large open spaces.
  • Dismantling - taking the tree down in stages where space is limited.
  • Stump removal - if the stump is small it can be dug out by hand using a spade and an axe. If the stump is large it is ground out using a machine. Grinding the stump usually to 8 inches below the ground level.
Lawn Care
Spring/ Summer Treatment
We use a selective herbicide to treat the weeds. A granular fertiliser is then put down. The fertiliser provides a balance rate of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. If moss is present then we treat with a liquid application of iron sulphate.
Autumn/ Winter Treatment
Again a selective weedkiller is used to treat the weeds and  a balance fertiliser put down. Autumn is also a good time to scarify and aerate the lawn.
Scarifying involves using a machine to rake out the dead thatch, moss and weed from the lawn. This leaves the lawn patchy but by over seeding and top dressing the lawn becomes thick and lush.
Aerating involves making lots of little plugs in the lawn. This improves drainage and compaction in the lawn. This allows the water and nutrients to get down to the grass roots where it is needed.
Hedge Cutting
We have the equipment and experience to trim and manage any size hedge. Whether it be a large Conifer hedge to a small Beech hedge.
We are able to erect and install a number of different styles of fencing. These include, overlap, feather edge, picket and wire fencing.
As well as installing new fences we can repair old fences, replacing rotten posts and treating with wood preserve. 
Tidy / Clearance session
A garden tidy - involves putting the garden to bed for the winter. This involves cutting shrubs,hedges and perennials back. The beds are also weeded. The garden tidy can also be done in late winter just before the growing season starts.
A clearance - involves trimming over grown hedges and shrubs, striming overgrown lawns  and taking out unwanted plants. This brings the garden back into a more manageable state.This is similar to a garden tidy but more for gardens that have not been tended to for years.